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“I am currently following both of these protocols, as are our Clinical Director, Kristen, and our hormones and anti-aging specialist, Joy”

Jeffrey A. Hunt, Medical Director
Jeffrey A. Hunt, Medical Director
Adding more years of quality life to your lifespan is our goal

The future
has arrived!

Based on many medical studies there are numerous supplements and lifestyle changes that you can implement that should extend your healthy lifespan.

We now have a simple blood test that can determine your DNA age and how it is affected by our interventions. Among other data, we look at the Horvath chronological age clock and the Hannum immunologic age clock, as well as telomere length. The clock most closely correlated with longevity is the Hannum age clock. People who live over 100 years old tend to have a Hannum age clock that is 30 years younger than their age. We now have the ability to reverse in years these clocks. We usually repeat this testing every 6 to 12 months to evaluate our progress.

If your DNA age is higher than your chronological age, it significantly increases your risk of cancer. DNA age lower than your chronological age decreases your risk of chronic illness. Any improvement in your DNA age should give you more healthy years in your life. A Horvath age clock seven years younger than your biological age reduces all causes of death by 50%.

Part of our protocol is based on data from Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University. Dr Sinclair is a professor of genetics who runs Harvard’s Anti-Aging Research Facility. The Harvard protocol by itself appears to lengthen the lifespan of rhesus monkeys beyond the equivalent of 120 human years, as well as a 25% increase in the lifespan of mice. We are also using supplements that have been shown to increase the lifespan of mice up to 80%.

Everyone in the practice who has taken the supplements has reduced the age of their DNA age clocks. My own DNA age Horvath clock was reduced by three years last year. It is now eight years lower than my biological age. We currently stock all the necessary supplements, as well as the blood DNA test. This program works well with our current Biote bioidentical hormones program.

Life Extension
Program pricing

DNA Testing
$450 every 6-12 months
$200 monthly average
6-month total cost
$1,650, yearly $3,300
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We feel that

A longer life of
well-being & energy is priceless

We cannot promise results as this is a new undertaking and it will be a developing and changing endeavor. You will however be able to monitor your own epigenetic gauge and personal progress. We feel that a longer life of well-being and energy is priceless. We invite you to come into the office for a no charge exploration and discussion of our programs.

We are living in exciting times with science and technology growing at an accelerated rate. Our goal is to provide a service to improve the quality and length of our lives. Although no one can guarantee results, we are excited about the feasibility of actually achieving our goal and improving our protocols as the knowledge base progresses.

A longer life of well-being & energy is priceless

Some of the books that have added inspiration to our program include:

Wishing you a long and happy life!

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