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Safe, effective laser technology

What is
Laser Vein Removal?

Laser vein removal is a proven, effective treatment for unsightly broken vessels or unwanted vascular lesions. At the Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay, we utilize the latest advances in safe, effective laser technology. These new modalities have given Jeffrey A. Hunt D.O., R.V.S., R.V.P.I. a method for vein removal that is safer, faster, and more effective than any previous treatment. Available to our patients in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida area, laser vein removal is performed by passing a specialized light through the patient’s skin. The laser light is absorbed by unwanted veins, causing them to coagulate, absorb, and disappear.

*Results May Vary TVS Endolaser treatment, is an advanced laser vein removal option that uses an intravenous medical laser to treat venous disorders. *TVS Endolaser boasts a nearly 100 percent success rate and patients report only minor pain during treatment. TVS Endolaser procedure is minimally invasive and is performed right in our comfortable Tampa Bay office. A local anesthetic is administered before laser vein removal to limit discomfort, and the entire treatment generally takes less than an hour.
In this video, find out how easy it is to remove the unsightly varicose or spider veins you have been living with for years, at the Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay. As a vein specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Hunt details how quick, easy and relatively pain-free these procedures can be. Dr. Hunt has been in practice since 1992 & has performed in excess of 75,000 individual varicose vein procedures.

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Recovery from
Laser Vein Removal

Your symptoms will begin to improve immediately after the TVS Endolaser procedure is completed. However, depending on their severity, some symptoms may take one to two weeks to completely disappear. After laser vein removal treatment, your leg will be wrapped in a compression bandage, and you will be up and walking within 30 minutes. You will be able to resume routine activity the same day and athletic or strenuous activities within several days.

Laser Vein Removal

TVS Endolaser treatment does not require any incision scars and rarely results in bruising. Other more invasive treatments require a longer rehabilitation timetable and may cause scars or bruising.

Cost of Laser Vein Removal

Cost of
Laser Vein Removal

The price of laser vein removal with TVS Endolaser is usually significantly less than other surgical options. Many insurance companies will cover treatment. Pricing for TVS Endolaser varies according to each individual’s leg problem and proposed treatment plan. Contact our Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida-area office to learn more about laser vein removal. Visit Our Vein Treatment Website

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