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Vein Removal Procedures-Treating Varicose Veins

September 26, 2023
Video Transcript

For 16 years we have had innovative varicose vein treatments by using ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. For years, we started turning the liquid into a microfilm solution, which works better yet puts less solution into your system. We do this with a three-person approach; ultrasound tech, nurse and myself, the physician. Typical treatment involves three or four microinjections under ultrasound guidance that only takes four minutes. We put support stocking on the patient and they can go exercise right after the procedure. This is in contrast to previous older generation surgical stripping procedures where people have lengthy recoveries. The other procedure we do for varicose veins is called endolaser. With this it is about a one-hour procedure. There is a tiny laser fiber that goes up through the inside of the vein and then underneath tumescent anesthesia and ultrasound guidance. The vessel is coagulated and disappears. With this again they wear support hose for two days and they can exercise that evening. So all of our varicose vein procedures are very complete compared to previous generation surgical procedures with very minimal discomfort and no downtime whatsoever.

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