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Laser Skin Resurfacing Options

September 26, 2023
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Laser Treatments

The patients have lots of great options when it comes to skin resurfacing lasers. You have lasers with minimal down time as simple as pulsed light IPL to things like erbium skin resurfacing lasers like ResurFX to the type of lasers can give you more down time like Portrait, which is nitrogen plasma skin resurfacing lasers. In the state of Florida, lot of our patients are very photoaged; 85% of all the lines and wrinkles and pigment problems is true sun damage and it is cumulative damage we have done 20 years ago. It is kind of showing up now, so the patients have lots of great options when it comes to skin resurfacing lasers. The simplest type lasers with minimal downtime would be IPL that is Intense Pulsed Light that is in the family of lasers but it is all light therapy. It feels like a hot rubber band hitting your face. It is treatment of choice for rosacea. Basically, it is perfect for cleaning out facial telangiectasias, skin vascularity, generalized redness, and erythema. It boosts collagen for three months. It shrinks pores. It is also great for pigment like sunspots and age spots and melasma. Minimal to no down time, you look lightly pink, less than an hour. No swelling.

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