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6 Spring Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

April 8, 2024
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The spring season is finally here! As you find yourself busy with all the spring cleaning and decluttering, you may want to give your skin care routine an overhaul too.

Seasonal changes have a profound effect on the health and integrity of our skin. The cold and dry air in winter tends to make our skin drier, while the increase in UV radiation in summer makes our skin thicker and more concentrated in melanin (aka tan!). It makes perfect sense to switch up your skin care once the seasons start to change, just as you would your wardrobe. 

But how exactly do you do springtime skin care right? Here are six simple and easy tips for glowing skin this spring season. 

1. Exfoliate Daily

Spring is the season of renewal and new beginnings. And what better way to give your skin a fresh new start than with daily exfoliation? Some of us avoid this part of skin care during the winter months because it can be drying, but with spring’s warm and humid air upon us, you may find that your skin needs a bit of help in sloughing off dead skin cells and excess oil.

When choosing your mode of exfoliation, consider your skin type. Those with dry, sensitive and dark skin respond well to gentle chemical exfoliants, like alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs). These remove only the top layer of the skin and are overall gentler, reducing the risk of irritation and pigmentation changes.

Oily and acne-prone skin, on the other hand, can benefit from beta-hydroxy-acids (BHAs) as these are able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, including deep inside your pores. Many are also oil-soluble. Mechanical exfoliation in the form of scrubs, cleansing brushes and exfoliating sponges are also great options for oily skin.

2. Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer

No matter if you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, your skin can benefit from a good moisturizer. Moisturizers prevent both excessive dryness and oiliness by keeping it hydrated at optimal levels. 

During the winter months, an occlusive moisturizer helps trap moisture by forming a physical barrier between your skin and the harsh, cold weather. This is especially important for dry skin types as their skin is naturally prone to water loss. If your moisturizer is thick and has petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin as top ingredients, it’s an occlusive moisturizer.

With spring here, switching to lighter formulas can prevent shine and breakouts. These usually have humectants and mild emollients as the main ingredients and are available as gels and serums. Humectants include hyaluronic acid, glycerin and propylene glycol — and these are ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Ceramides and fatty alcohols are examples of popular emollients, which are good for dry to normal skin.

3. Don’t Skip the Sunscreen!

Your dermatologist would likely tell you to use sun protection year-round. There may be less sunlight during the colder months, but the sun still casts its damaging UV rays even when the sky is cloudy. 

Not using sunscreen during the warmer months can be even more damaging to the skin. The intensity of UV radiation is greater during the spring and summer, and you may be spending more time outdoors making the most of the seasonal events. To protect your skin and prevent sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face, neck and other exposed skin. 

As is usually the case with skincare products, you should choose a sunscreen that’s compatible with your skin type. There are non-comedogenic and light formulas today that won’t clog your pores or lead to breakouts. Good quality sunscreens are also formulated in a way that won’t leave a white cast on your skin.

4. Stay Well-Hydrated 

No amount of moisturizing will keep your skin glowing if you’re dehydrated. Since it’s getting warmer outside, you’ll probably be sweating more and moving more, both of which will increase your fluid requirements.

Men need to consume about 15.5 cups, while women need around 11.5 cups of fluids per day. But these are only averages, and your fluid needs can vary depending on outside temperatures, your activity levels, your health and your unique needs.

While water is great for hydration, your body also needs electrolytes to keep your fluid levels balanced. Electrolytes are substances like sodium, calcium and potassium. They’re abundant in fruits and vegetables and are added to sports drinks to boost hydration. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Your lips are just as prone to dryness, premature aging and sun damage as any other part of your face. Yet, they often get neglected.

To keep your lips healthy and luscious this spring, consider a lip scrub if you’re normally prone to getting cracked or dry lips. Lip scrubs are often formulated in a way that provides gentle, mechanical exfoliation along with hydration. DIY lip scrubs can work just as well. These can be made by mixing sugar or ground coffee with honey, coconut oil, jojoba oil and other nourishing ingredients. 

Besides exfoliation, your lips deserve to be protected from UV rays, too. Many lip balms now provide sun protection but do read the label and ingredients to make sure. 

6. Consider Professional Treatments

While your skin can get all the pampering and protection it needs at home, getting professional treatments come springtime can give you unmatched results. Many medical facilities offer treatments that can practically transform your skin using cutting-edge ingredients and technologies.

At the Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay, we offer everything from laser skin resurfacing and energy-based skin tightening to microneedling, Hydrafacial and medical-grade skin care products. Our treatments are designed to reverse signs of aging, address a number of skin issues and support the health and integrity of your skin. 

If you would like to start the spring season with fresh and glowing skin, you can start by booking an appointment with us today or contacting us here to request your consultation. We’re more than happy to help you achieve glowing skin and offer the best solutions for your skin’s unique needs.

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