Joy Drexler, ARNP, MSN

Joy Drexler, ARNP, MSN

Joy Drexler is a board-certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with a Masters of Science in Family Health Nursing. As one of the leading members of our team at Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay, Joy has gained over four years of experience specializing in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Joy is passionate about the life-changing benefits that BHRT pellet therapy offers our patients. When men and women come to Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay seeking BHRT, she often sees where traditional medicine has failed them and where bio-identical hormones can supply a natural answer for improving their well-being and quality of life. Her focus is always on providing the highest level of patient care and having a positive impact on her patients’ lives.

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Luckily at the age of 49, my sister referred me to the Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Specialist, Joy Drexler who has literally changed my life! From the first meeting with her, I felt like she explained the process and what to expect while always being so warm, caring and very attentive to any questions I had! Immediately I noticed my focus at work and my energy improved greatly. My workouts became easier and longer. I feel like I’m in my my 20’s again! She has truly improved my quality of life. I would refer her to anyone seeking hormonal therapy. Wish I would have met her years ago! Thank you Joy and your staff for all that you do!


I have been a patient of Joy Drexler for a year now. I am truly thankful for her knowledge and years of experience that I am totally on track now with my overall health and feeling amazing! The referral came from Melissa Clark PA -C within the practice. I have since referred three of my wonderful friend



Joy received her nursing training at University of South Florida, earning her Masters of Science in Family Health Nursing in 2010 and subsequent license as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. In keeping with her dedication to continuing education, Joy regularly attends educational seminars and conferences on BHRT and anti-aging topics.

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