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Strength Training

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Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay is excited to offer the viiiv Pro fitness machine designed to build muscle and bone strength to patients in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and other South Florida-areas.

What is the
viiiv Pro?

"The Ultimate Biohack" is how author, personal development coach, and philanthropist Tony Robbins refers to isometric exercises. The viiiv Pro is a 5-minute isometric workout involving four stations. This comprehensive once-a-week workout can be done in street clothes without joint-straining aerobic movement or sweating. The viiiv increases bone density and significantly improves muscle strength, and those who use it are expected to double their strength in less than one year. It also can reduce your blood glucose levels.

What is the‍viiiv Pro?

How Does
viiiv Pro Work?

Here are some steps that someone should take to prepare for an Ultimate Contour procedure:

  • Intensity: The viiiv Pro now makes it possible to reach “maximum momentary intensity,” which researchers frequently refer to as “unattainable”, though it would be more accurate to say “unattainable with existing equipment”.
  • Variability of Recovery Times between Workouts: Numerous independent researchers have found that recovery timeframes differ greatly between people and may last up to 4 weeks or longer after only one workout. Despite this, the majority of strength training programs lack a method for figuring out your personal optimal rest period in between workouts.
  • Engagement of the Strongest Muscle Fibers: The most powerful muscle fibers, known as FG or Fast Glycolytic Muscle Fibers, must be activated and used to their maximum capacity to drive development and strengthening. However, most delivery systems are so ineffective that it can take up to 70 seconds to reach these fibers. However, a well-set-up system facilitating the right exercises can reach those fibers in as little as 5 seconds and completely exhaust them in 7 seconds.

The only way a muscle can get stronger and bigger (hypertrophy) is if you make it work harder than it usually does (overload). In other words, it’s essential to consistently and “progressively” overload the muscles if you want to keep adding new muscle fibers to your body. The reason the muscle expands is because of the muscle’s adaptive reaction to being overworked. Your body builds up in strength (and size) in response to the overloading of the muscle so it can tolerate the same “overload” without injury the next time you engage in the same activity.

In a typical weightlifting session, a specific exercise is performed against literally “zero” resistance at first, progressing through positions of mild, increased, and, finally, maximal resistance. The single position that stimulates the greatest number of muscle fibers is the last one when the muscle is fully constricted. Ironically, traditional training methods and protocols rarely, if ever, highlight this perspective.

With the viiiv Pro, you begin with the level of resistance that stimulates the maximum amount of muscle fibers, which is also safest. For 5–10 seconds, you exert your greatest effort as the viiiv Fitness app graphs your output of force in weightlifting equivalent.

The number of days of recovery you’ll need to take to continue making strength increases is determined by your training data from past training sessions and your current training session. Your previous workout’s Peak Force is displayed on the app to help you visualize your objective and surpass it the next time you complete the same exercise. This will allow you to gradually overload each targeted muscle group with each viiiv Pro session and assure ongoing improvements.

How long will
each work out be?

The beauty of the viiiv Pro is the efficiency and speed of your workouts. Your first workout session should take no longer than 15 minutes, but with only 20 seconds of total physical exertion. These 15 minutes are spent taking your personal measurements, to ensure you are placed in the optimal position for each of the four viiiv workouts. Once in position, each individual exercise requires only 5 seconds of maximum exertion. While this may seem like a short period of time, those 5 seconds can feel like an eternity when you truly reach peak resistance.

Utilizing the viiiv app allows us to save all your initial settings, making all future workouts simpler and less time-consuming. After your initial 15-minute appointment, you should expect to only spend 5-10 minutes for future workouts.

How often do
you work out?

In keeping with one of the key components of strength building, recovery time between workouts is important. To maximize muscle gains, it is essential to allow the body to recover from the most recent maximum exertion before working out again. For this reason, it is recommended to wait one week between workouts to ensure your muscle fibers have had an opportunity to recover.

How often do‍ you work out?

Why only one

In a traditional strength training session, you execute several sets with many repetitions. Every time repetition is performed across a range of motion, the movement begins with zero resistance, progresses through an intermediate resistance range, and finally reaches the point of maximum resistance. Because it activates the most muscle fibers, the last near lock-out position, where a maximum muscle contraction is attained, provides the greatest benefit—which is the goal of any strength training program.

The last repetition of a standard strength training session is always the hardest. The reps and sets that occur before the last repetition are a complete waste of time because they drain your energy and keep you from working out to your full potential.The only way to stimulate your muscles for optimal strength and growth is by forcing the body to use as many muscle fibers as possible during any given exercise. This type of stimulation can only be accomplished by exercising with the maximum amount of resistance while at maximum muscle contraction.

Duration and intensity are inversely proportional. The muscle will get entirely exhausted after a few seconds of maximal effort. No one can push (or pull) with their maximal capacity for longer than a few seconds. Yes, one can continue to exert some force after 7 or 8 seconds, but the peak force won’t be attained again until after one maximum effort and until a full recovery has been made. Therefore, for best results, only one repetition of each exercise should be performed during each training session. More than that will hinder your ability to recuperate and build strength.

How does viiiv Pro help build bone strength?

How does viiiv Pro help
build bone strength?

Bones are made to support weight and perform tasks. When under duress, they adjust, develop, and get stronger. When they are not required to carry their own weight, they quickly deteriorate into skinny, weak, and feeble individuals. A healthy bone will die from disuse. A worldwide epidemic of weak bones is responsible for millions of injuries and incapacitating illnesses.Without a doubt, correctly executed viiiv Fitness training increases bone density more significantly and more sustainably in men and women of all ages, including those in their eighties and nineties, than any other type of exercise.A once weekly viiiv session is the secret to healthier bones. Depending on the individual, this improvement can mean improved athletic performance, reduced risk of osteoporosis later in life, rebuilding already weakened and thin bones, or better endurance in everything from recreational sports to climbing stairs or lifting groceries.

Will viiiv Pro make
my muscles larger?

While the viiiv Pro is designed to build muscle strength and definition, it will not significantly increase the size of the muscles being worked. Because of this, we are thrilled to offer a complementary procedure that will round out the viiv Pro strength-building program. By adding a 15-minute session on our Inmode Evolve device, you will compound your strength gains by also significantly increasing muscle size. Muscle groups that can be combined with the viiiv Pro include:

  • Biceps/Triceps
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Quads/Hamstrings

We recommend 6 weekly visits per muscle group to reach optimal results with InMode Evolve. We offer special combo pricing with viiiv and InMode Evolve. Adding Evolve to your training regiment will have you in and out of the office within 30 minutes.You can also increase muscle size with our other body shaping devices including the truSculpt® flex+, EMSculpt®, or CoolTone™.

When will I start
seeing results?

Reaching maximum exertion is not an easy task and can take an adjustment period as you learn to reach peak resistance. The first several weeks will be used to provide a foundational baseline as you train yourself to activate the deepest muscle fibers through maximum intensity. After your first 2-4 sessions, you will begin to see incremental strength improvement, tracked, and displayed in the viiiv app. You will begin seeing improvement in just the first few months, and many do not plateau for several years.

500 adults (average age 52) participated in a 2-year trial that involved four workouts per week. They could initially lift 72% of their body weight. After two years, they were able to do 290% and their bone density had significantly increased. In less than a year, you should increase your strength twofold.

When will I start seeing results?

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