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Well I have been coming to the Vein Center now for almost four years and I always look forward to coming here because everyone is so pleasant and friendly and they make me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed no matter what procedure I am having and it is just a fun place to be. When I first came here, I had the Thermage procedure done and I was nervous to have that done, but they made me feel relaxed and they would stop at any point if I was having a problem with it or did not understand what they were doing and they explained everything to me. The Thermage® procedure really did not change my life it just made me feel better about myself and the thing I liked most about the clinic here is they offer nonsurgical procedures to correct problems or enhance your appearance so that you do not have anything drastic done and when you do see someone that you have not seen in a long time it is just a subtle change that they notice, but they do notice it and they say “gee, you look really nice today, have you done anything special?” and depending on who it is you know I confide in them and I give them Dr. Hunt’s name and telephone number and tell them how much they would enjoy coming here.


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