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I originally came because a friend of mine referred me here that she had some Botox done and I thought it looked great So I said, “well, I want to try it”. So I originally came for Botox® and I had the Botox® done around my eyes and my forehead and then my mother and my sisters they all said, “oh my god, your face looks so great”, you know so they came and they had it done. And then I came back and had some ResurFX® laser done with fine lines and little dark spots, you know, and then I had Silikon put in my lips. I had just a little line of lip that was it and I had the Silikon in and it was, Aah! It was great. I felt so good about myself, my confidence level went way up and the experience here was enjoyable because they made me very relaxed and you know just took their time with me very friendly. I would recommend them to anybody on anything and I mean I keep coming back, you know, I am in here today I just want more Botox® today.


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