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Well Kristen Thornley is a good friend of mine and she was telling me about some of the procedures that she does here. I am very skeptical of any type of alterations, but I thought I would come and give it a try and that was about maybe two years ago and I fell in love with this place. I have lived in New York. I have lived in Los Angeles. I went to many other different or similar type places. It was always very uncomfortable, you were not quite sure, but very laid back attitude. They are very professional, experts at what they do, and I am coming back Monday morning as a matter of fact to get a couple of little extra things done. With Dr. Hunt, he took the lines here which is what I am having done again on Monday about 18 months ago to reduce some of the lines. I am 50 years old and fighting it every step of the way because I do not feel 50 so I do not want to look 50, and very simple procedure, not painful at all. I got a little bit of numbing, some injections here and I massaged it a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks and that was it. It was really not a big deal and people would tell me, “You look great! You know, “Did you go on vacation?” – my little secret.


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