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Dr. Hunt made me feel relaxed. He tended to be more on the conservative side, some of the procedures I have had done have been Botox®. I have had some fillers, just a little bit on the top of the lip and then round the mouth and what made me very comfortable Dr. Hunt did the Botox®, Kristen did the fillers is that they both lean more towards being somewhat conservative which I like, and then you know, the end result being that it looks natural – that you are having a natural professional look. I am in sales, I also teach fitness. One of the things about fitness is there is lot of expression when you are teaching and so this is softened. I feel softened my look, and with sales it keeps me competitive and on the edge in the industry when most of the representatives are in the 25 to 35 range, I feel like it keeps me in the game.


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