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G-Spot Amplification and Enhancement with G-Shot®

couple-in-bedFor women who have difficulty reaching vaginal orgasm or would like to intensify the sensation of orgasm, the G-Shot® procedure offered at Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay may provide an effective solution. The G-Shot® is designed to amplify and enhance the sensitivity of the female G-spot region, which can lead to a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience for women.

The G-spot and Vaginal Orgasm

The G-spot, or Gräftenberg spot, as it is more formally named, is often described as the more elusive female erogenous zone. Located about two inches inside the vaginal canal within the frontal wall, the G-spot is responsible for the vaginal orgasm response. For many women, vaginal orgasm is difficult or seemingly impossible to achieve. However, recent discoveries in women’s sexual health have indicated that anatomical enhancements to the G-spot area may facilitate the degree of stimulation necessary to achieve and intensify vaginal orgasm.

What is the G-Shot®?

The G-Shot® is an injection of dermal filler material into the G-spot. By thickening this tissue with a filler, the G-spot can be more easily and intensely stimulated, which may enable women to experience more powerful vaginal orgasm. Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine uncovered that women with thicker tissue in the G-spot region are more likely to experience vaginal orgasm. Unfortunately, not all women share this anatomical advantage. For women like these and others who wish to enhance their degree of G-spot arousal, the G-Shot® offers the opportunity to achieve new levels of sexual stimulation and fulfillment.

The G-Shot Procedure

To get started, the G-spot must be accurately located to ensure optimally placement of the injection. Clinically locating the G-spot is accomplished by applying slight pressure simultaneously to the inner vaginal wall and on top of the lower abdomen, much like a physical gynecological exam. Once the G-spot is located, the injection of dermal filler solution into the treatment area is virtually painless and takes only a few minutes to complete. After injection, there is no required downtime and patients may engage in sexual activity the same day.

Results of the G-Shot®

Most women who have G-spot enhancement with the G-Shot® can experience increased sexual stimulation and arousal immediately after treatment. Typically, this enhanced sensitivity and physical response leads women to report a more satisfying overall sexual experience, which may include achievement of vaginal orgasm. *The duration of treatment results may depend based on the dermal filler used in the G-Shot®. When the dermal filler is eventually reabsorbed by the body, treatment may be repeated to reacquire results.

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