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Well Kristen Thornley is a good friend of mine and she was telling me about some of the procedures that she does here. I am very skeptical of any type of alterations, but I thought I would come and give it a try and that was about maybe two years ago and I fell in love with this place. I have lived in New York. I have lived in Los Angeles. I went to many other different or similar type places. It was always very uncomfortable, you were not quite sure, but very laid back attitude. They are very professional, experts at what they do, and I am coming back Monday morning as a matter of fact to get a couple of little extra things done. With Dr. Hunt, he took the lines here which is what I am having done again on Monday about 18 months ago to reduce some of the lines. I am 50 years old and fighting it every step of the way because I do not feel 50 so I do not want to look 50, and very simple procedure, not painful at all. I got a little bit of numbing, some injections here and I massaged it a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks and that was it. It was really not a big deal and people would tell me, “You look great! You know, “Did you go on vacation?” – my little secret.


I originally came because a friend of mine referred me here that she had some Botox done and I thought it looked great So I said, “well, I want to try it”. So I originally came for Botox® and I had the Botox® done around my eyes and my forehead and then my mother and my sisters they all said, “oh my god, your face looks so great”, you know so they came and they had it done. And then I came back and had some ResurFX® laser done with fine lines and little dark spots, you know, and then I had Silikon put in my lips. I had just a little line of lip that was it and I had the Silikon in and it was, Aah! It was great. I felt so good about myself, my confidence level went way up and the experience here was enjoyable because they made me very relaxed and you know just took their time with me very friendly. I would recommend them to anybody on anything and I mean I keep coming back, you know, I am in here today I just want more Botox® today.


Well I have been coming to the Vein Center now for almost four years and I always look forward to coming here because everyone is so pleasant and friendly and they make me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed no matter what procedure I am having and it is just a fun place to be. When I first came here, I had the Thermage procedure done and I was nervous to have that done, but they made me feel relaxed and they would stop at any point if I was having a problem with it or did not understand what they were doing and they explained everything to me. The Thermage® procedure really did not change my life it just made me feel better about myself and the thing I liked most about the clinic here is they offer nonsurgical procedures to correct problems or enhance your appearance so that you do not have anything drastic done and when you do see someone that you have not seen in a long time it is just a subtle change that they notice, but they do notice it and they say “gee, you look really nice today, have you done anything special?” and depending on who it is you know I confide in them and I give them Dr. Hunt’s name and telephone number and tell them how much they would enjoy coming here.


Dr. Hunt made me feel relaxed. He tended to be more on the conservative side, some of the procedures I have had done have been Botox®. I have had some fillers, just a little bit on the top of the lip and then round the mouth and what made me very comfortable Dr. Hunt did the Botox®, Kristen did the fillers is that they both lean more towards being somewhat conservative which I like, and then you know, the end result being that it looks natural – that you are having a natural professional look. I am in sales, I also teach fitness. One of the things about fitness is there is lot of expression when you are teaching and so this is softened. I feel softened my look, and with sales it keeps me competitive and on the edge in the industry when most of the representatives are in the 25 to 35 range, I feel like it keeps me in the game.


I came to the Vein Center because Kristen. She is a nurse practitioner here who does the medical aesthetics. I have been going to just regular salons for years having facials, just wanting to be pampered and loved the immediate results. I came here and had a pixel resurfacing and not realizing at that time that that is something that penetrates the first layer of the skin to the second layer and this continues to remodel your skin over time. So it would be a couple of months after I had that done that, a total stranger would approach me and just say you have great skin and then I just kept coming back here. They are pleasant here, loved all the people here, could not be nicer and had some photofacials done for just freckles and removal that kind of thing and loved it and I just keep coming back.

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