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About Dr. Hunt

I am Dr. Jeffrey Hunt. I initially did my undergraduate training at West Virginia University and then went through Osteopathic Medical School in West Virginia and did three years of family practice residency up in Akron, Ohio. I did many of my electives in dermatology and was always procedure oriented. I did seven years of family practice in the Akron area, developed a very busy family practice but wished to go into more procedures and then studied with the doctor who invented ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and became one of the first five people in the world to do this procedure and moved my practice to Florida where I gave up family practice and devoted my entire practice, phlebology, the study of veins. A few years after developing successful vein practice, I became one of the forefront people to develop laser systems and do FDA sanctioned clinical trials in order to initially in 1993 bring pulsed light technology to the United States. From there we developed numerous varicose veins, spider vein, and cosmetic laser procedures that we have incorporated into the Vein Center and the Stunning Looks Medi Spa.

A World of Possibilities

With the new technologies we have available, we can now tighten the skin with products such as RF energy. We can erase pigmentation spots, brown spots with Pulsed Light. We can also resurface the skin to help with fine lines and wrinkles. We can put fillers in the face to help with sagging and to put normal volume back in the face. We can also use Botox to erase dynamic skin lines for patients. A combination of all these new procedures that are available allow us to tailor fit each procedure for the patient in order to achieve the type of look that they wish to have.

Keeping Up with Advances in Skin Care

In order to remain at the forefront of the newest technologies that are out there, we attend numerous scientific conferences, read the journals as articles are presented. We help conduct clinical trials for the latest technologies that are available and we also participate with the laser companies with some of their new innovative products. By doing this, we stay in the forefront of the newest products that are coming through the latest inventions, the best lasers, the best laser treatment protocols. Lasers are only as good as the people that are operating them and unless you totally understand all the physics, the way the laser tissue interactions occur and you develop the best protocols, the lasers themselves do not work well.

A Full-Service Medi Spa

The advantages of being a full-service medical spa rather than just being a single office with a single laser is that we can incorporate all the different technologies, all the different types of fillers whether they be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent fillers along with Botox in order to achieve the type of cosmetic result that you want. By having all these different types of innovative technologies available we can custom fit each particular treatment protocol to what works best and the further desires of the individual patient.

Utilizing Innovative Technologies

Our practice for the last few years, have tried to offer the most innovative new techniques to give the best results for very affordable pricing for the patients. Our feeling is that we can achieve beauty through science and we research very carefully all the latest technologies that are out there. It is a very rapidly changing field and we only utilize those that we feel will give us the absolute best response.

Welcome To Our Practice

Hi, I am Dr. Jeffrey Hunt. Welcome to the Vein Center of Tampa Bay and the Stunning Looks Medi Spa. We are conveniently located in Tampa Bay area. We have been here for the last 16 years and we offer a host of services for varicose and spider veins with the most innovative technologies. We have over 10 laser systems we use for aesthetic procedures as well as Botox and fillers and other aesthetician services.

Clinical Director – Kristen Thornley

Hi, my name is Kristen Thornley. I am the nurse practitioner and clinical director at the Vein Center of Tampa Bay and Stunning Looks Medi Spa. I am a master’s prepared nurse practitioner specializing in medical aesthetics with extensive knowledge in facial rejuvenation including cosmetic Botox, multiple skin resurfacing lasers and numerous facial fillers including Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Silikon, Sculptra and Artefill.

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