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Learn About The New Blunt Cannula

Historically, bruising resulted from dermal filler injections using traditional sharp needles. This caused frustration for both the physician and patient. This has now been reduced using the blunt cannula which passes under the skin and doesn’t cut the skin or blood vessels, minimizing bruising and pain.

Blunt tip Microcannulas are advancing the cosmetic filler procedure. These blunt tipped flexible microcannulas allow for fewer entry points, can cover a larger area, and reduce patient pain and bruising.

Using a micro-cannula, practitioners literally slide the blunt tip cannula under the skin after making a small needle injection site. The dermal filler can be applied with no pain or bruising. Also no local anesthesia is needed due to less painful injections.

In the US, soft tissue fillers are currently administered using sharp, hypodermic needles. The choice in length and gauge of needle is determined by the injector’s preferences, as well as the physical properties of the filler itself. While some adverse events are injector-dependent, others may be due to risks inherent to using sharp needles. The use of new, flexible cannulas with blunt tips may potentially both lower these risks and change the techniques by which fillers are administered in the future.


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